Radio systems 433/868 Mhz with Rolling Code

Transmitters and receivers 433 and 868 Mhz with Rolling Code System

The advanteges at a glnace:

  • Each transmitter is unique
  • User friendly and fast
  • Thanks to the self-learning technik, more safety through Rolling Code System
  • Range up to 200m

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Simply versatile: The tousek radio system

All tousek transmitters are compatible with any of the receivers with same frequency (433 MHz or 868 MHz) of the tousek product portfolio. Available either with 2 or 4 buttons. All radio receivers and transmitters are equipped with self-learning technology and Rolling Code.

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Rolling Code – every time a new codes, for increased safety

The code of the transmitter changes every time you send an impulse.
This is what we call „Rolling Code System", for increased safety.
with this permanent change of codes each code is only used once and is therefore unique, so that it is impossible to scan it.

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2-channel/4-chnnel transmitter

The amount of channels designates at the same time the amount of buttons as well as the functions of the transmitter.With a 2-channel transmitter you can actuate e.g. with button 1 the courtyard gate and with button 2 the garage door. With a 4 channel transmitter you can control four functions (e.g.gate, light/lamp, garage door and alarm).

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Code pad TORCODY

No more searching for keys! Thanks to Torcody you comfortably open your garage or your front door by pressing a button. Only need to choose your personal 5-digit code!

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Wall transmitter

Flat and elegant: The tousek wall transmitter can be mounted without any effort directly on the wall.

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Signal amplifier

With the signal amplifiers the radio signal range can be extended. It includes a transmitter and receiver unit and can be plugged into a 230V power socket.

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For those who want more! The antenna extends the range up to 200m and is delivered with mounting bracket and coaxial cable. 

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Receiver board

The installation of trhe receiver board is etxtremely simple: the receiver board can be plugged directly onto the tousek control board. It is supplied in the 2-channel version with the tousek kits. 

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Radioreceiver in small AP-housing

For third-party systems with 1 or 2 channels.


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Radioreceiver in big AP-housing

For third-party systems with up to 4 channels.


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Radio light switch

The radio controlled light switch can be used to switch different users (also energy saving lamps). With its small design it is suitable for all conventional sockets  and also for subseqent installation!

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Radio socket

The easiest way to upgrade an existing garage door operator to the tousek radio system. Simply plug the radio receiver into the socket of operator, connect the cable to the button entrance and program the transmitter. 

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